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Original Dammusi Pantelleria

Whoever you are, you're welcome.

You will be hosted in ancient “Dammusi Pantelleria", restored respecting their origin and preserving their features: high ceilings, antique niches, unusual passages, majestic walls of over 2-meters depth.

Inside the Dammuso there is a natural microclimate, ideal even without using of air conditioning.

The landscape surrounding "Dammusi Pantelleria Le Ballute" is a perfect blend between human work and nature’s product: vineyards, olive groves, figs, and brooms covering the slopes of Montagna Grande (The Great Mountain).


Original Dammusi Pantelleria

Discovery of the environment prevails over beach entertainment

The choice to stop in this land might be found in our origins from the mountains (Giancarlo is from Valtellina, and Matilde was born near a lake). Here, with the mountain behind us, we feel reassured by its majestic presence. The incredible greenery that surrounds the whole landscape and the ancient "dammusi pantelleria" make Le Ballute one of the most luxuriant places in Pantelleria.

The view from Le Ballute is completely filled with the blue of the sea that merges with that of the sky. The feeling of an immense space pervades one’s breath and sets the rhythm of it.

Inside the property, vineyards, olive trees, fig trees and a holm oak (in Sicilian “ballute”, hence the name) complete and respect this unchanged and beautiful landscape. 

Le Ballute and and its "dammusi pantelleria" are not simply a holiday, but a life experience. We are living inside the facility and are available 24 hours a day. We can accommodate only 9 people, which allows us to take care of and guide our guests personally along this "journey".

We organize excursions to the sea, along the coast and to hidden bays, and trekking trips to the amazing country of this island, and to the natural thermal sites, like Venus’ Lake, the sauna of Sibà and the hot water ponds at Gadir.

The unique atmosphere and familiar relationship that develop among guests thanks to these unique experiences continue around the large table in the Club House, while tasting local products and wines.

The absence of light pollution allows to enjoy fantastic evenings, wrapped in a starry sky and crossed by a visible and shiny milky way. With the help of candles and a glass of good Passito we make a toast to Dammusi Pantelleria, to this Island and to Life!

Dammuso Vulcano

The original black stones make "Dammuso Vulcano" particularly scenic and romantic. The dammuso is made of a large open space, with an atmosphere as if one was in a castle. 
Originally, this Dammuso was used as a warehouse for grain storage, and its Saracen construction highlights the royal vault of hand-cut stones.
The Dammuso Vulcano has a small cooking hob, a fridge, flatware and linens. The bathroom is also delineated by black stone walls, and has a shower, and hairdryer. From the "ducchena" (in the local dialect, the outdoor stonework seat) one can admire the sea at the horizon.

Choose "Dammuso Vulcano" for its amazing view and for its romantic atmosphere. 

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Dammuso Venere

The ancient Dammuso Venere, whose history is lost in ancient times, has experienced several transformations by the Punic (which left the water tanks), the Romans, the Spaniards, until 1800, when it was used as a spinning mill. 
After the abandonment of the small village, this Dammuso was severely damaged in the front, which was recently restored maintaining the original style.
The view is spectacular: at the foot the vineyards of zibibbo grapes, to the east the holm oak and, to complete the landscape, the blue of the sea.
The environment of this dammuso consists of a living area with a large 4-burner stove, oven, and fridge. Flatware and linens are provided. 
Directly accessible from the living room, there are two alcoves (one single and one double bed), whose volumes are delineated by arches. A small room is used as a wardrobe. 
The bathroom can be accessed through a small entrance, with a masonry sink with tadelak finishes. The main bathroom is complete with all the sanitary facilities and a shower, with towels and hairdryers.

Choose Dammuso Venere if you want to get excited at the sight of the sea and the enchanted landscape. 

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Dammuso Nettuno

The secular Dammuso Nettuno has always been used as a residence. 
There is a living room with an attached kitchenette made of a tiny blue tint, a color used by Arabs on the kitchen walls to keep the insects away. 
This beautiful Dammuso is equipped with a 4-burner cook and includes dishes, linens and hairdryers. 
A small passage connects the room with a double bed and a single bed. The bathroom has a shower created inside a niche. 
The outside of dammuso Neptune is wrapped in the perfume of rosemary, blended with myrtle and strawberry trees.
The view includes also the vineyards of zibibbo grapes and the sea.

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Dammuso Eolo

At the entrance of Le Ballute, there is Dammuso Eolo, the most isolated dammuso on the property. Privacy is guaranteed by the surrounding spontaneous Mediterranean scrub and a small, organic zibibbo grape vineyard. 
The external “ducchena” faces the entrance of the Dammuso Eolo, that opens onto a large room. 
Its history takes us back to an ancient mill, which was characterized by a great millstone, driven by the work of a mule or a donkey. In recovering the environment, a wall made of volcanic rock was left intact. On that wall, there is a masonry kitchen with sink, a 4 -burner hob, and the fridge. 
The small passage to the sleeping area gives Dammuso Eolo an almost monastic atmosphere and invites to bow in honor of the ancestors. The small room offers two single beds. The bathroom, carved in stone, has a stone sink and a shower. 
Outside, there is shower and the barbecue with a small “cannizzato” (rooftop made of bamboo), with table and seats made of stone, for outdoor dining.

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Arabian Garden

A dedicated mention is deserved by the Arabian Garden: a very ancient circular construction of Persian origins, whose function was destined to worship the dead. With the arrival of Arabs these truncated tower structures were transformed into gardens, where officinal plants, and orange and lemon trees were grown. The walls of these structures protect plants from strong winds and favor a microclimate that is ideal for growth. There are hundreds on the island, many of them recently built. The Arabian Garden in Le Ballute is one of the oldest in Pantelleria.

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Dammusi and Relax

Le Ballute and Mueggen: a set of powerful energies of incredible contrasts.

Volcanic earth, stones, sunlight and blinding light, winds, clouds running over the green of vineyards and the blue of the sea.
Le Ballute is included in MUEGGEN, an island in the island, a hidden place where you become a spectator of all this, muted in a primordial atmosphere.

The Forest

Giving boundaries to the perimeter of the relaxation area is really difficult. Immediately outside the property of Le Ballute, nature and the silence of the place welcome embrace you with an immediate feeling of peace. The silent and discreet protagonist is surely the oak forest (“Le Ballute" in Sicily): a fresh and safe embrace, where the afternoon heat remains out of the fronds of the century-old trees. Hammocks, a book, a mulberry “granita”, make siesta hours unforgettable. 
The energy that pervades Le Ballute and the entire island almost mystical, and it pushes to breath and meditate.

Hydromassage pool

When going to the seaside is tiring, but still the heat calls for water, the hydro massage, set in the valley landscape, becomes an irresistible refreshment. Here, at the feet of giant pennants, you can continue the tanning therapy, that, accompanied by water massage, becomes pure pleasure.

The club house

Here the day starts, with breakfast served in the shadow of the great "cannizzato". The ideal place for meetings, shared experiences, food and celebration. 
“Ladies and gentlemen, there is fresh ricotta! Hey why do not we organize something this evening?” It is also a place to relax during those hours in which everyone is busy, sitting on the couch, holding a glass of “passito” wine, with a view on the horizon. A privilege for a few.

WiFi Zone

The Wi-Fi area is a small open-air office, where answering the inevitable work e-mails becomes a real pleasure, thanks to the view of Mueggen vineyards and the sea.


There is also dynamic relaxation: 4 school bows and a small field with targets are available to guests, who can rediscover concentration, patience a bit of warrior spirit.

Canopy bed

Wishing for a bit of romance? The canopy bed facing the sea looks perfect for your moments of relaxation. Sipping a fruit juice, reading a beautiful book, or watching the stars at the light of candles, you will feel unique and perfect for that spot. You will be living not simply a vacation, but a life experience.

Our Products

The blessed land of Pantelleria gives its fruits every season: beans, capers, olives, tomatoes, fruits and vegetables, depending on the time. 
Enjoying the products on-site tastes completely different, and feels like a throwback in the past.
We involve our guests in this tasteful experience by organizing tastings, snacks and aperitifs.

Our location: Strada per Randazzo, Località Mueggen 8, Pantelleria - 91017 (TP) - Sicilia - Italia
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Alitalia from Milano Linate, Roma Fiumicino, Palermo and Trapani
Blu Express from Milano Orio al Serio and Roma Fiumicino
Volotea from Venezia, Milano Orio al Serio and Torino

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Ryanair  flights from Italy and Europe to Trapani and Palermo
AirOne flights to Trapani and Palermo

Hydrofoils and ferries

Ustica Lines from Mazara del Vallo, Linosa and Lampedusa
Siremar from Trapani

La location è speciale, il damuso venere mi piace molto

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Un posto tranquillo in mezzo alla natura per rilassarsi senza pensieri

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Prezzi abbordabili per un soggiorno da sogno

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